• Hafsa Qadir Buzdar Lecturer Department of English, National University of Modern Languages, Multan Campus
  • Abdul Waheed Tariq PHD Scholar in Islamic Studies. Gomal University, D.I. Khan


In this research article “God’s part in creation of the universe” is discussed. Though atheism existed in many shapes at minor level all over the world since ancient times but it spread widely in 16th century in western countries. Most important reason was Church’s falling credibility due to its illogical theories. As the science evolved and presented fact based and observatory theories which could not be rejected, it made the followers of the Church to disbelieve in religion. They started believing in science only; and believed that these were physics laws which created the universe. One step further atheists disliked every religion of the world and disbelieved. Islam portrays the exact sketch of creation of the universe. Modern science proved that the universe is not eternal; it came into existence about 13.7 billion years ago as a result of Big Bang. Before Big Bang it was a singularity. It also proved that the universe is expanding continuously. Including these facts there are so many minds blowing facts described in Holy Quran at such a time when there was no concept of telescopes or modern scientific instruments to tell the details of creation of the universe. Atheists accept these facts but strangely deny the existence of God. All this proves that the Holy Quran is revealed from Allah and each and every statement mentioned in Quran is true.


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