Peer Review Policy & Process

Selection of Reviewers:

A careful selection of national and international reviewers is made keeping in view their area of research. To get an unbiased review, the names of reviewers are kept confidential. All works submitted for publication are reviewed objectively without regard to authors’ race, gender, religious view, ethnicity, citizenship, political tendency, age and reputation.

The Review Process:

    • Received articles are initially scrutinized by editorial committee and then processed through double-blind peer review process.
    • Sufficient guidelines along with a Reviewer’s Proforma are provided to reviewers.
    • Reviewer’s comments are shared with the author who is responsible to incorporate the suggested corrections in his article.

Dealing with Misconduct:Reviewers are encouraged:

    • To comment on ethical issues and possible misconduct.
    • To confirm plagiarism through Turnitin and/or searching for similar titles etc.
    • To publish a corrigendum, remove and retract a plagiarized article.


    • Only one paper as a PI (Principle Investigator) should be published in the same issue.
    • Authorship & co-authorship policy will be strictly adopted.

Conflict of Interest

    • The editors and reviewers will not edit a submitted paper for those author(s) and/or institution against which she/he has any conflicts of interest.


    • will not use any unpublished information/data from the submitted research paper without the permission of the author(s)

Publication Decisions

    • Only shortlisted research papers relevant to the scope of the journal will be published after completion of the review process
    • Acceptation or rejection of a paper will be based on academic standards.
    • The Editor will justifies the reason (s) of rejecting a research paper and will timely communicate the editorial decision to the author(s)

Procedure for Appeal/Complaint Policy

The Editor is responsible for establishing a proper mechanism for appeals launched against:

  • The rejection of a research paper.
  • Objections to publications causing harm to any party.
  • Infringement of Ethical boundaries in any manner.

Publication Charge Policy

       There is no process/publication fee.