Scope & Mission

Zia-e-Tahqeeq is an inter-disciplinary; bi-annual; tri-lingual (Urdu, English, and Arabic) research Journal that publishes manuscripts and articles after a double-blind peer review process, which is adhered to the magazine, and carried out, by leading experts and specialists in Islamic & Religious Studies to enhance the Islamic scientific research.Journal aims to publish high-quality, impactful scholarship and research that makes an original and significant contribution to the field of Islam and its Sciences. Zia-e-Tahqeeq welcomes academic researchers to get their writings published on a vast range of topics of Islamic & Religious Studies i.e.Qur’an and its sciences, Hadith and its sciences, Fiqh and Usool-ul-Fiqh, Seerat-un-Nabi, Muslim Social Thoughts, Muslim Philosophy, Comparative Religions, Islamic Dawah, Islamic Theology, Islamic Mysticism, Islamic History, Islamic Economics, Islamic Art & Calligraphy, Islam and the West, Muslim Minorities, The Contemporary Muslim World and Inter-Faith Dialogue.

The journal is constantly striving to achieve excellence by promoting the quality of research. It is also committed to stepping forward with great zeal to set standards of quality and academic integrity.